Helping you achieve scalable product design and additive manufacturing results.

Whether you need help developing a new product or industrial 3D printing, Avid Product Development provides the expertise and support for your projects.
Founded and operated by mechanical engineers since 2012, Avid assists entrepreneurs, inventors, and companies around the world with product design and commercial-grade 3D printing. As a trusted resource for engineering and additive manufacturing services, we are committed to providing quality solutions from start to finish that support the long-term growth and sustainability for both our customers and employees

Avid is here to partner with you toward the best solution customized to your unique product design, prototyping, and additive manufacturing needs. Our engineering and manufacturing teams support you throughout the entire process, from initial idea to final product, and have the capabilities and knowledge to guide projects from prototype to production.

Because we are ISO 9001:2015 certified, you can be assured that your prototypes, parts, and products will be completed according to our high quality standards and delivered as quickly as possible. With continuous improvement being a central goal to our engineering and manufacturing processes, we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality solutions.




To be the most trusted resource for engineering and additive manufacturing services.



To provide long-term growth and sustainability for our clients and employees by developing lasting relationships. We do this by offering quality engineering, additive manufacturing, and
injection molding services delivered in a timely
and cost-effective manner.



We are committed to exceeding customer quality expectations by leveraging our expertise and technology. With an emphasis on customer relationships, we continuously improve our engineering and manufacturing
capabilities and processes.

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ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED

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