Printing with FDM gives you:

  • A variety of color options
  • Quick turn around on simple, small parts
  • Good material strength in certain orientations


  • One-off quick prints
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Assemblies where solvent welding is required
Technical Details

An FDM printer creates parts layer by layer from the bottom up by heating and extruding thermoplastic filament.

Our printers feature a dual extrusion head to print both ABS filament and water-soluble support material. The soluble support material allows designers and engineers to create complex features, such as undercuts and internal details.

Utilizing FDM print technology, Avid is able to make strong ABS parts and prototypes with a very quick turn-around time.


  • Build Volume: 8 x 8 x 12 in (203 x 203 x 305 mm)
  • Accuracy: down to 0.007 in (0.18 mm) layer thickness
  • Minimum Wall Thickness: 0.030 in (0.75 mm)



  • Fast – typical lead times of 1-3 days for one-off parts
  • Functional prototypes and concept models to test fit, form and function
  • Low volume production of end use parts utilizing industrial grade thermoplastics
  • Quick fabrication of jigs, fixtures, and tooling
  • Complex geometries such as undercuts and internal features not feasible with traditional manufacturing methods
  • Raw materials come in many color options