Avid Product Development has helped numerous clients solve their design, prototyping and production needs. Here’s what our clients are saying about us:

EDM Teams Up with Avid to Design Portable Electric Utility Device

Recognizing that a portable phase identification device would be a boon for the power industry, EDM International partnered with Avid Product Development once again to design a compact version of their signature electric utility phase tracking system. Learn how Avid turned EDM’s conceptual design into a commercial product.

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EDM Looks to Avid to Help Keep Utility Power Humming Along

Reliability of electrical power is something we usually take for granted, but it’s the name of the game at EDM International. Read on to learn how EDM utilized the product design and 3D printing services at Avid Product Development to help electric utility companies keep the lights on.

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Revolutionary Healthcare Device Launched with Help from Avid

Firefly Medical is taking illness and injury recovery to the next level with the IVEA, a revolutionary product that aims to help hospital patients get out of bed quicker, become stronger faster and go home sooner. Explore how Avid Product Development helped get IVEA into the marketplace.

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